Precisely because of this person I had formed just two negative stereotype in smoking. First, when he tried to light a cigarette before breakfast. I must say that it was still active after a night game preference, which naturally has aggravated the situation and contributed to a brighter feel. I was not myself, nausea, smell and taste in the mouth caused the most discomfort. I consciously drew on these negative sensations of their attention. Of course, that re-washing and coffee took off all those nasty symptoms, but it was enough, that would lay the foundation for a new stereotype, wearing a negative charge relative to smoking. My stereotype about was: "Do you want to spoil the morning – lit up!" And when the first power of the new stereotype was not enough to stop me from smoking the morning, the symptoms recurred in a greater or lesser degree, I always sharpened attention to them and said to himself: "How easy it can ruin the morning !!!! thus reinforcing the stereotype. This lasted until the negative charge of the stereotype of "Do you want to spoil the morning – lit up!" Has not reached such a level that completely turned away from me the morning of smoking.

The second stereotype arose at a time when I was sick from inhaling the morning cigarette. I was approached by one of my companions on the game, also smoked, the smell of it – the smell smoker, so "fruitful" lay down on my nausea, I have even without any special effort to shape a negatively charged stereotype "It's that to me too, so bear ???!!!!. Yes, yes, that's exactly how it was. Casually, I would say passing. The only thing that matters is the willingness to use the discomfort and negative emotions to the conscious formation of negative stereotypes. Then they need to "cherish" that is, at every opportunity try to strengthen it. And when the power of negative stereotypes reached the required level, I can assure you you do not even understand how to stop smoking. And do it easily, but the people around you will be talking about your valid will. And only we know that this is not a manifestation of will power, and the action you created stereotypes. And perhaps this is the very rare occasion when our plates and stamps during its lifetime does not limit us, not prevent us, and free us! And it's great!