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These are toxic emotions that not only aggravate the health, and some times take to the addictions, but they tighten the bond, the human relations, and by all means the life in pair. In this type of people are immersed those that count markedly on narcisistas dyes. The narcisistas bonds are very destructive, in first because the narcissus does not recognize its degree of toxicity and on the other, it.. Read More


An author standes out the importance of the position of the professor in this stage of the project, and says that the more the professor to question the pupils, better will be the planning and that the pupil must have in mind the answers to the questionings to follow: – On what we will speak? – What we will make in this project? – Why we will be dealing with.. Read More

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At a first moment, this visibility if translated or adjetivao of the word alfabetizao? functional alfabetizao became if expression sufficiently spread out? or in attempts of magnifying of the meaning dealfabetizao, to alfabetizar, by means of affirmations as ' ' alfabetizao is not only to learn to read and escrever' ' , ' ' to alfabetizar is that only not to teach to codify and decodificar' ' , and other.. Read More