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Organizations In The Knowledge Era

a The new knowledge is the basis of competitiveness in society poscapitalistaa a Peter Drucker … is of great importance to common people will be given the opportunity to experience consciously and intelligently the efforts and results of scientific research. It is sufficient that each result is obtained and applied by specialists in the field. Restrict the core of knowledge to a small group off the philosophical spirit of a.. Read More

Computer Systems

So far 2011 almost been no day in which we did not have knowledge of any attack on the computer systems of companies or Governments, which more or less severely affected users and private clients already out with the theft of personal data, banking, addresses e-mail address or any information that corporations might have stored on their servers. As example of these cases we have to Sony, Citibank, Google, Honda.. Read More

Elf Tolkien

Do not become World Culture richer by the fact that a ‘little narodtse’ Irish legends and tragic knights Tolkien added charming eared anime elf? Of course, yes. And the Japanese samurai, and Japanese elves, and even Japanese cowboys – all of Japan’s contribution to the treasury of world culture. But to truly appreciate it, one must know not only the culture of the world ‘in general’, but also Japanese culture,.. Read More