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New Social Networks

This month Profim Debuts social networks so you can follow every move of our company, you can read every news of today and you are always informed of what you are most interested in. To know more about this subject visit Peter Asaro. Profim, the first EAFI advice independently and created in 1995, has been created Active profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, all of them with daily updates so.. Read More


Dipl.-ing. Timothy C. Vincent from weather informed colleagues craft with the high-quality tools of the French company GUILLET Timothy C. Vincent, stone sculptor from weather, on the website as sales partner in Germany. Thanks to the centuries-long tradition of the French company and the extensive experience in the area of application is, is GUILLET succeeded in creating a tool generation, highly efficient and reliable and solves many problems during the.. Read More

Extension Of The Physics Management Tools (PI)

Continuity on several shoulders distributed Norbert Ludwig, Dr. Peter Schittenhelm and Markus tensioner tensioner, which assumes the chairmanship of the Executive Board, a four-man Panel that will draw together the fortunes of the company together with Dr. Karl. Dr. Karl uses clamper, who celebrated his 65th birthday in January 2012, continuity. Considering the development of the company releases and other shareholders since its inception by Dr in 1977, this approach.. Read More