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Digicel Group Donates

KINGSTON, JAMAICA (Marketwire January 13, 2010) Digicel Group, the mobile phone company’s fastest growing new mobile operator on the market of Central America and the Caribbean, donates US$ 5 million in cash to support urgent relief efforts after the vast devastation caused by the earthquake of magnitude 7.0 that hit Haiti yesterday. Digicel donation will be delivered to the NGOs (non-governmental) responsible for leading relief efforts. With the impact of.. Read More

Acne Treatment At Home

Acne is one of the most shameful diseases we have around. Its effects can be devastating. Many victims faced a great deal of embarrassment and some suffer from inferiority complex. Been much said about the true cause, but we note that it should and what not like eating food. Some foods definitely contribute to its formation. Acne does not appear overnight, which is a disease that the surface over time… Read More


The majority of young people between 14 and 25 years suffer from breakouts. But there are also those who are still affected by acne and pimples until an old age because of the impure blood stream. One of the tips to get rid of acne quickly is to purify the body, especially the blood circulation to prevent the infiltration of bacteria that cause facial problems. Personal hygiene is very important.. Read More


With the technological revolution in full swing, companies are demanding increasingly higher levels of innovation. But they also hope that this technology will help them to save money.In an era in which many companies seek to optimize their operations and create more profitable business models, it is not surprising that technology has transitioned to a close-up.There are so many companies that are now on the Internet, that even the smallest.. Read More

SONY Service

In reality, computers, and in particular the laptop are increasingly complex. Simply remove the lid from a desktop computer to become aware of the complexity of the architecture of this type of equipment. Fortunately, there is a technical service SONY in Mendoza who fully understands that a laptop or a SONY computer are extremely sensitive instruments which deserve preferential treatment, in order to guarantee the maximum quality of the product.. Read More

Pierdale Fear Of The Computer

Shame: that’s the word that older adults are not encouraged to appoint when someone asks them the explanation of why they don’t want to move closer to new technologies. After that (the Unnamable) followed by others, forming a list endless limitations, excuses to not assume that it is necessary to move closer to the computer, lose the fear, and find out that it is necessary to use it to be.. Read More

Troubleshooting Computer

Annually, more than 100 hours which are dedicated to fixing daily problems with computer systems, with the subsequent cost of loss of money and productivity this involves a survey collected by NCBs Binary, technological consulting firm specializing in cost savings and increased productivity, Office workers spend between half an hour and two hours per week in solving problems with computer systems. This loss of time, if it is computed at.. Read More