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Educative System

Against this situation the teacher in the classroom finds his intimate and private space, reflecting about the disadvantages, of the political and economic obstacles that prevent the recognition of the value of their roll, those that are able of: to exert a gracious critic of the present educative conditions, to imagine another school and to create conditions necessary to transform the one that they have. The ideology of the educational.. Read More

GmbH System

The wiki-based knowledge sharing with colleagues and customers is already commonplace in many companies. Karlovy Vary, 29 October 2013. To facilitate the cooperation with international partners, an add-on for the wiki software-Confluence managing multilingual content within a subject area, the so-called space allows. For the translation of the content, the translation management system across can be connected directly. With the add-on scroll translations pages when needed, for example, for internal.. Read More

MASHUCAN Basic Management System

Object-relational client / Serverbasiertes framework with know how MASHUCAN’s innovative developer platform introduces developer platform for software architects and programmers to realize individual, complex, database-based software systems. Systems in information technology are exposed to constant changes, developments and restructuring. IT solutions should exist promptly. Meanwhile, a variety of tools and technologies was created to facilitate and optimize the software development. Want to solve a problem, already finished software components are.. Read More

Modular Banking System

Cities and towns struggle more than ever, that impoverish their quarters not on diversity and vibrancy. It is one of the most urgent precepts of the hour: the assurance of social diversity in the public space. It is not good. Not only major cities suffer from it. It was also the cities and municipalities in the country stem a widely pervasive monopolization”their quarters–in the form of a unilateral use or.. Read More