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Computers and Children

So, your child grows and at some point in time is beginning to show great interest in the PC; many parents are usually not happy about this, and usually talk about the pc turn or a comprehensive ban or complete permissiveness. Both cases – unacceptable for several reasons. Generally, in the upbringing of children should not take sharp positions, than in any case, moreover, there should be no prohibition without.. Read More

Raw Materials

The use of modern materials in construction. In modern construction are widely used plastic pipe (PE pipe), let's see what kind of pipe. Plastic pipes are separated by types of materials: 1. Pipes pnd.Plastikovye hdpe are made of polyethylene. The application is very broad – water-supply network, gas pipeline, heating, sewage, Shell Pipe ppu and the protection of electrical networks. For water networks and pipelines used polyethylene grades 100, 80,.. Read More

Infrared Astronomy Satellite

NASA satellite infrared IRAS (NASA Infrared Astronomy Satellite), which conducted a study of the sky for 10 months in 1983, opened a lot of infrared sources, but none of them was Nibiru or Planet X, as well as any other objects outside of our solar system. Here's an interesting discussion of Saltech (California Institute of Technology – California Institute of Technology). Briefly, IRAS cataloged IR sources 350.000, and initially many.. Read More