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Chief Accountant

Ctremitelny economic growth and the emergence of new firms, offices and affiliates have caused a sharp increase in demand for specialists in the field of accounting. More and more managers of companies to understand the importance of good financial planning, analysis, accounting, without which compete in today's market is very difficult. As a result, today the profession of the chief accountant is one of the most demanded. According to statistics,.. Read More


With RSS, the blog owner could update his readers with new content and use RSS as a way to organize your content into a form more accessible for the benefit of any person wishing to use it. Using it, just do not read it! RSS Uses: The site appears in search engine and RSS directories. Use RSS to update their web sites fresh content, relevant – automatically – without writing.. Read More

Planetarium Society

This is a new year, and there is a new sign of the zodiac. THE Professor Parke Kunkle of the Minnesota Planetarium Society says that the Zodiac has a problem of dates, given the movement of the Earth’s axis. The problem is that many signs of the Zodiac are based on software that are generated taking as input the existing and looking at the Earth, but not looking at the.. Read More