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New Product Beat Management

The program provides the ability to conduct settlements with suppliers and customers, pricing, accounting, operations, service, selection and standardization of work, tracking the state of motion of parts and others to work product requires a program of "1C: Enterprise 8". The program solves the problems: Automation of account the make, model, configuration, options, producer, creation of car cards; Keeping information about the car (make, model, options, manufacturer, installed options, specifications,.. Read More

Computers and Laptops

Personal and professional lives is almost impossible without the electronic helpers – computers and laptops. The ubiquity of digital technology makes to give priority to the reliability of these devices. Sooner or later everyone is faced with a situation where the laptop fell out of the bag, spilled coffee on it, etc. And, unfortunately, this often leads to the output of the laptop down, or, last but not least, a.. Read More

Repair Hard Disk

If the hard disk is the information you require then you should be extremely cautious and try to copy the information to other media. You would think that this can happen only if the drive is visible in the bios. Not necessarily. A very common myth about the hard drive. Often the case when the hard drive is not visible in the bios and the operating system windows98, but windowsXP.. Read More

Notebook Asus

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of computer-oriented consumers. Motherboard, computer equipment and mobile phones, office equipment and networking equipment – the list products is extremely large and in every field of development engineers have extensive experience and the highest potential. Conducted a unique study of all the hidden processes capable of at least some or affect the performance of any device. Add to that an extensive network.. Read More