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Today in Ukraine practically no otvetleny economy, which would not have suffered from the crisis, whose impact detrimental effect on nearly every employee of our popular country. Its essential were signs of stopping the operation of enterprises of different forms of property and natural, as a result, people rozpusk which these associations have worked. Of course, it is abominable to display the laid-off. But with the other hand, poraskinte brains,.. Read More

Audio Transcription

Audio transcription software interviews, dictation, or movies with record f4 or f5 with professional digital recorder and transcribe on the computer. Learn about what added value has the digital dictation technology and transcription for journalistic professions or scientific studies, here. 1 for interviews find you easily (Alternatively the recording with an IPhone is possible) interview notes with a simple digital recorder in the digital format the appropriate recording device and.. Read More

German Steuerrechtsdschungels

Accountant Monika Nadler from Brunswick informed through purchase of shares in capital companies there is the overlapping of civil and tax provisions. In this context, the Federal fiscal court ruled that a civil passage acquisition only under certain conditions is also fiscally relevant. The Brunswick accountant Monika Nadler explains the peculiarities of this type of business. The civil law is a transfer between the original owner and purchaser who comes.. Read More

Sisel Staret

“Sisel international combines health and lifestyle into a mega opportunity we have now has momentum and will develop a mega momentum soon, because our new coffee a rapid and massive growth is all over the world give us”, so Tom mower SR., founder, co-owner and Chief Scientist of SISEL INTERNATIONAL, the network giant of Springville in the U.S. State of Utah. “Tens of thousands Networkers Europe cheer on today’s 1.. Read More

Photographic Machine

They are these apelos that make you to waste its work with uselessness. How many torpedoes you already sent, or received, today, this week, in this month. The cellular telephone is a machine to communicate messages par excellence and not a toy as they try making to believe in them. Because and so that a cellular one needs TV, Photographic Machine, Agenda, Lanterns, MP3, Video, Games, GPS? curious it was.. Read More

Environment Of Tests Of Software

1-Concept: the Environment of tests is ' ' local' ' that the system will be tested. It must incorporate everything that involves software and its functioning. As Bastos the 2007 definition of the environment involves: physical environment, people, the hardware, documentation, software, suppliments, net and interface. 2-Preparation: the Environment of tests must be planned in the definition of the strategy of tests or in the plan of tests. How much.. Read More


Biotechnology of wastewater treatment and disposal of grease waste food businesses. Today, with c increasing food production, expansion of public power more acutely expresses himself as a problem of utilization used cooking oils and fats. In order to imagine its size is sufficient to note how quickly the household consumes a bottle of sunflower oil, and multiply the result by the number of city residents. It is not dumped in.. Read More

Surveyors Construction

Geodesy – the science of the Earth, to be exact about the measurements on the surface. It appeared as far back as ancient times and was needed for construction, the division of land, drawing plans. Surveyors of the time used primitive means measurements, but with time surveying tools, more and more complicated. (Similarly see: Ali Partovi). Currently surveying – this is one of the most high-tech sectors of modern industry… Read More

Salvador Dali

In The study found not only a direct link gene 'P 16 "with aging, but also its ability to affect telomere length. Chinese scientists have proved that the containment of gene activity 'P 16 "may not only extend the life of cells, but also reduce the degree of telomere shortening. From this it follows that the aging process inherent in the genetic program of cells, and in order to make.. Read More