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With this increased lifespan of refrigerators, it became possible to implement many innovative engineering solutions. In addition, multi-device protection work done absolutely silent. From the viewpoint of ecology refrigerators Nord – is the perfect choice. The fact is that as the refrigerant used here is absolutely harmless, isobutane, which does not deplete the ozone layer. And for that cold is better preserved, has been developed newest technology of polyurethane foam.. Read More

Creative Children

On this stage of development of children – is a theme control knowledge into education, mandatory participation of gifted and talented children in competitions of different levels, participation in the intellectual games, subject Olympiads, scientific-practical conferences. Also, I believe that the necessary compulsory promotion of gifted children is a vital component contributing to creating and maintaining a high level scientific, technological, political, cultural and managerial capacity of the country is.. Read More