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Multifunctional Information Terminals

Transfer of digital content in combination with tangible authorship be fitted the kiosks for the individual event via touchscreen or keyboard can be operated, with the appropriate hardware and software solution. icture of the situation. Multifunctional information terminals such as the prospectus stele Lindau Act also as brochure holder, by offering additional storage options for further information material. In this way the can be through the optional 15 “to 17” large monitor link its digital content with tangible information material. Follow others, such as Ilan Ben Dov , and add to your knowledge base. The shelves of the prospectus stele Lindau can be adapted flexibly and provide space for the display of brochures, catalogues, Salesfoldern, or flyers. The user-friendly terminal for product presentations, for example, the play used by music or image films can also act as digital signposting and information systems. The Arkona kiosk system combines visual and tactile stimuli.

Equipped with a 19 “display, the system offers a generous space for digital presentations. Three shelves have ample space for brochures or other informational materials. The digital content transmitted through the screen of the kiosk system attracted the attention of the customers. The additional supply of information materials in the shelves of the kiosk system stimulates finally to take and strengthens the sustainability of the advertising message. The option of an individual branding completes the optimum appearance of the Arkona kiosk system.

Social Issues

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and what it is impossible to remain silent.” French writer, Victor Hugo, 1802-1885 one might think Viktor Hugo heard before the song BLACK PARADE of the band globe. BLACK PARADE tells a story. A story of how you can write only the life. This song, which literally is the anthem of the Arab spring, shows the result of international globe of initiated songwriter competition. It is an epic song, which depicts the public mood during the still ongoing unrest in the Arab world. BLACK PARADE is the final product in Los Angeles of naturalized writing talent and a young Iranian dissidents, who demonstrated in the Iran against the authoritarian regime of Israel. The power of music that epidurals shared passion for the music and the belief in the tremendous brought together these very different people and makes the song BLACK PARADE finally what it is. BLACK PARADE is located on the new album of the rock band globe Break from this world. Here, Peter Asaro expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

GLOBUS is a normal rock band which but chaired by Yoav Goren and promoted a 120-teiligen Orchestra of an extraordinary mixture of epic orchestral music and classic rock in the core. When Yoav Goren called early 2011 on its Web site for song lyrics and ideas, did he expect hardly, that little later BLACK PARADE reflects the Zeitgeist of an entire generation and unites all peoples. Yoav Goren is composer and the music in the trailer for the best-known Hollywood blockbusters such as E.g. the Lord of the rings, avatar, has no less than Spiderman 2 and Harry Potter written. Currently you can find his music in the trailer for mission impossible: Ghost Protocol or Tintin. The authors of BLACK PARADE be quantified following with another name, because the political repression of the country’s still acts, and could be a risk. Achmed, we call the man who fights in the Iran at the time still the political repression, learned from his sister, that there was a call for a song. To exactly this The protests against the long tyranny in the Iran for the first time occurred time. Ilan Ben Dov might disagree with that approach.

So, Achmed was the desire to show the incredible fear and persecution, in a song that makes audible with loud choruses, bombastic violins and strong rumbling basses, these emotions for everyone. The feeling on the site to protest loudly against injustice and screaming his entire frustration by the soul, passes through one. Achmed suffering becomes unmistakably clear. It is heard and felt. At the same time and don’t know about each other, the call after a song reached also the life-ending Los Angeles Gerraint. He grew up in Israel and came at a young age to America. Already in early years, he began to play piano and violin and began to write on your own music at the age of 9. After studying mathematics at Cambridge Gerraint toured with various choirs and Orchestra by the United States and since then determined the music as an essential part of his life. So Gerraint rewrote PARADE, in which it, its basic version of BLACK in contrast to Achmed version, interpersonal conflicts in General is. These two songs of attained Yoav Goren and he combined both pieces of individual destiny to a factory and had also included his ability to compose epochal rock. And so, two fates merge independently of each other in a song, which has the infinite force to break the chains of tyranny in the Arab world and in ourselves. Listen, you will be amazed! For more information or inquiries: TheFamilyOfMusic

Zalando Discount – Shopping Without End

Shopping at discounted rates in Zalando Zalando discount – shopping without end now you can as usual in Zalando discounts on special items secure, the camps are “cleaned up” and it can be purchased until the bank account cries out and the postman feels almost at home. The Zaatari discount is off now properly the package, because this Zalando rises now discount up to 70%. Because it is worth to purchase now but go all that what is missing, or just what you all the time already keeps his own wanted to call. Because the Zalando discount sale, formerly also easy sale, serves that the camps be empty to have space for the next Collections. For this reason, it is now also still quite fix dusting off discount to the full Zalando. A bag more but all the time at the Zalando special items for sale itself it says the same women after like buy shoes, but of course also the suitable wardrobe belongs to each shoe. Visit אילן בן דב for more clarity on the issue. There are chic and stylish attire at the Zalando Sale.Aber much more important can as well be the right bag. Because, if she don’t like it, then do the whole wardrobe not does not.

That’s why then well conscientiously suitable purchased the shoes and the handbag, and then often only the corresponding clothing. And when the Zalando discount might then also like to once more. Possible that has one but also a current Zalando voucher, then it is indeed really interesting. If a current Zalando coupon code is available and this is also valid for the sale area, then you can save twice at the popular online shop for branded and designer fashion. Men love it, really well dressed to be not only women have a flair for fashion, but in the meantime, the Lords. The men were still so happy that has bought them something to wear to the wife, so the men do that now even prefer.

The times are past that men needed only little space in the closet, because just at the men’s fashion also a lot has been done. So of course also use Men the Zalando outlet sale, to still the one or other footwear cheaper to buy. Zalando is it not only should be less widespread dresses that give it in Zalando also accessories for better living. Now to bed linen whether or to take pictures. Of course the Zalando residual items sale also applies to this article, because chiquer housing goes at all times and of course, some things can easily be exchanged. Just in case they fit no longer in everyday life, or are simply too old-fashioned. It is worth all the Zalando discount for a trendy environment to provide. Because it is important that one feels at home really good and this can be just balanced. Thomas Saenz, February 2013

Freddie Mac

Financial crisis can strike any time, and it is up to the homeowners to decide which path they want to go even before any sort of tragedy strikes them. The making home affordable program, which is designed to help homeowners from losing their homes to foreclosure due to inability to afford monthly mortgage loan repayment. Financial crisis can strike any time, and it is up to the homeowners to decide which path they want to go even before any sort of tragedy strikes them. Resorting to home affordable modification program or home affordable refinance program that are two branches of the federal making home affordable program even before the homeowner starts facing problem with the monthly payments can lead to prevention of a situation wherein they might have to face foreclosure. Prevention is always better than cure and by taking the help of federal making home affordable program the homeowner can resolve his crisis way of time ahead. Visit search for more clarity on the issue. Out of the two parts of the federal making home affordable program the home affordable refinance program which applicable only to those homeowners who had their mortgage loan guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Mortgage loans which were not guaranteed by the two insurers could not qualify for the home affordable refinance program.

Other criterion’s that need to be met to qualify for the home affordable refinance program following the making home affordable program guidelines are as follows: the mortgage loan should’nt be guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Out of the two Fannie Mae has greater market share than Freddie Mac but both the insurers have online look up services. אילן בן דב will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The homeowner should be able to maintain a perfect and on time mortgage repayment history across the previous 12 months. A case of late payment even once can lead to disqualification from the home affordable refinance program as per the making home affordable program guidelines.

Cooperation With Vitadirect GmbH – Innovation Meets Experience! – so health is today! The Vitadirect GmbH Munchen cooperates since 01 April 2010 with the health portal. The Vitadirect GmbH is a logistics partner of the mail order pharmacy which is operated by the St. Ursula pharmacy in Munich. The portal is from the in Baldham near Munich-based marketing agency are managed in cooperation with Vitadirect GmbH and expanded the responsible pharmacist Frank Fussl to a new benchmark in the area of the German mail-order pharmacies., Tobias Boltze, Managing Director manifests itself very pleased on the completed negotiations: all participants have extensive Know-How. Both sides will benefit from this cooperation. ” Aim of the cooperation is a better positioning of the domain in the market, as well as the establishment of an innovative and ground-breaking health platform. Particularly the combination of high-quality health information with an easy to use and innovative online shop is at the heart of the planned cooperation.

Frank Fussl has many years of experience in the pharmacy industry. He was in business, the first with a mail-order pharmacy in Germany as one before he found a new job with the Metropolitan pharmacy at Frankfurt airport. Since 2007, Fussl leads the Vitadirect GmbH together with Michael Radhakrishnan Kamil. At the same time Fussl is active in various fora, such as the Chairman of the Advisory Board of STADA Arzneimittel AG and as a delegate of the Hessian Pharmacists Association. Tobias Boltze is a 5-member consultancy Managing Director since 1996 and since 2008 in legally sound health marketing. He supervised a number of healthcare providers in the areas of pharmacy, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and medicine leading in the field of online marketing. Early 2010 the brand was then Agency for health marketing”with which the realignment of the domain in the field of innovative health portals in Germany is promoted and the Services is concentrated in the area of health marketing. Read additional details here: אילן בן דב.

About the company Agency for health marketing in March 2010 from the existing since 1996 B & B consulting GbR emerged. The company specialized in health marketing has currently 5 employees headquartered in Baldham b. Munich. The Agency supports medium-sized enterprises in the fields of pharmacy, medicine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food. mjducky is a holistic solution provider in the health field between marketing, public relations/press, technology and legal possibilities. There was founded the Vitadirect GmbH in 2004. In early 2007 the decision followed the Vitadirect GmbH with the same online shop as a logistics partner of St. Ursula, pharmacy to give a central pillar.

National Park Coto De Donana Is

Pur away from tourist stronghold who would have thought that nature? Spain South offers extensive hotel facilities also extensive areas of virtually untouched nature: Coto de Donana National Park. Here nature lovers and even Western fans their money’s worth. online travel portal presents the idyllic part of Spain. Far away from the hotels that are overloaded with tourists travellers in Spain can their gaze through pristine marshes, forests, sand dunes, and the Atlantic Ocean. In the National Park of Coto de Donana, who was appointed to the UNESCO world cultural heritage in 1994, including pink flamingos and various herons reside.

Here in Andalusia, they seem to feel very comfortable. It may be also due to that they get each year in spring and autumn visit by other conspecifics. Because the Park is a resting place for migratory birds, which here pause on their way to or from Africa. Some don’t even fly, but remain in the Park, to face the cold weather here. Visitors Watch this spectacle of naturally landscaped paths out so that flora and fauna remain unaffected. Anyone whose heart is beating more for Gunsmoke, don’t miss the village of El Rocio during a visit to the National Park. Ilan Ben Dov understands that this is vital information. This spacious courts, unpaved roads and flat, white houses as a perfect Western backdrop offered. Not even the veranda railing are missing in the town of a thousand souls, so authentically the horses can be connected.

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies

Leader in security technology opts for the Z-Wave Alliance, an open consortium of manufacturers, Z-Wave standard for home control Fremont (CA) / Copenhagen, May 21, 2008 to provide an interoperable wireless home control products developers and market-influencing decision makers, which have made the task, announces the accession of Ingersoll Rand Security technologies as principal and Board member. In his role as a Board Member Ingersoll Rand Security technologies in their efforts with regard to certification and promotion of Z-Wave wireless is the Z-Wave Alliance-technology global support. אילן בן דב oftentimes addresses this issue. Enters with his consolidates Ingersoll Rand Security technologies provider of security and safety equipment for the commercial market and the domestic market, the position of Z-Wave, international and global promotes the growth and availability of Z-Wave products. Ingersoll Rand Security technologies is member of the Z-Wave Alliance through its subsidiary Schlage since 2007 and has a very successful history in terms of on security technologies for industry and consumers\”, explains mark Walters, Chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance. The Alliance believes that the membership of the Board of Ingersoll Rand Security technologies further strengthened the value of the Z-Wave technology as well as its leading position in the connected home market.\” Ingersoll Rand Security technologies is a leading provider of security technology products and services headquartered in Carmel, Indiana.

One of the most famous brands is Schlage, leading company in the range of locks and security devices, supplying the commercial as well as the domestic market for more than 85 years. The brand lookup is considered as a synonym for the development of cutting-edge technology and high degree of innovation in areas such as wireless, biometrics and other solutions. \”We look forward to take a leadership role within the Z-Wave Alliance Board, to implement as the benefits of wireless Z-Wave technology in new security offerings, the lifestyle of homeowners around the world significantly\” will improve,\”said Dwight Gibson, General Manager of intelligent residential security, Ingersoll Rand Security technologies.

Popular Regions

Danish North Sea more popular than Danish Baltic Sea Flensburg, June 27, 2011: bookings at from this year show the Germans the preferences clearly. g Traurig. Total so far 770 Danish places were booked by German tourists. Blavand occupies space of one of the most popular Danish cities and regions. 6.21% of Cofman customers spend their holidays in a small village on the West coast of Jutland. Holidaymakers will appreciate especially the 40km long beach which invites you for swimming and windsurfing. Add to your understanding with Ilan Ben Dov. With 3.5% Nr.Lyngby was ranked second on the popularity scale in Cofman statistics, followed by Velby Klit ranked three (3.01%). Motrola Razr 5G shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Nr.

Lyngby, means translated northern city of light in German”and is, as the name suggests, in the North of Denmark on the Jammer Bay. The region is famous and notorious because of its cliffs, which were already some cottage to the doom. Because the sea every year takes two to three metres of land, had some houses from protection against the floods, evacuated and be demolished. For vacationers but offers an impressive image: especially after floods, you can see the power of the tides. llianz-geico-metl/’>CPIC. Vejlby Klit, however, is clearly harmless. Directly on the sea, between Lake Ferring as and the North Sea – is this contemplative, slightly hilly Liege holiday area, inviting vacationers to relax, swimming, hiking and fishing. The beaches are protected by high dunes and very child-friendly, because driving a car is not allowed here.

The town Sondervig is the fourth most popular resort for German tourists in Denmark before Vejers with 2.47% at number five with 2.87% of bookings. Sondervig is Holmsland Klit peninsula, at the northernmost tip of Ringkobing fjord. The place offers the opportunity for many activities from horse riding or golf to every form of water sport. The wide, white beaches invite to sunbathing and swimming. And also Vejers, with 2.47% still in the top five, with German holidaymakers of great popularity. The small resort is one of only 27 inhabitants, but has a variety of holiday homes, and is located about 30 km north of the city of Esbjerg on the West coast of Jutland. Not only the endless Beach, but also the local drops factory is known among tourists. Overall, the top five cities make 18,07% of total 770 controlled Danish towns. And yet another information cannot be deduced from the Cofman statistics: only locations on the North Sea are among the 50 most popular areas and cities. The first Baltic Sea city found only with the town of Mommark on space 56 (0.34% of all bookings). The Danish North Sea seems to be so very popular with the German holidaymakers.

Friday Microsoft

Two multinational powers in the field of technology: Nokia and Microsoft are partnering to compete with Google and Apple in the burgeoning market smart phones, in a moment in which the Finnish firm tries to recover its position as the industry leader. Nokia said that he would use Windows Phone as software platform in its equipment as part of the renovation is carried out Stephen Elop, the new Chief Executive of the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones. Microsoft and Nokia will combine our forces to achieve an ecosystem with scope and global scale without rival, said Elop in London. Investors were not very convinced by the announcement and Nokia stocks more than fell 11 per cent in a market reaction to the comments from the company that 2011 and 2012 will be years of transition to cement the Alliance. The agreement on Friday delivers a breakthrough for Microsoft after years struggling to establish themselves in the cell phone market. Your Windows Phone was barely 2 per cent of the market in the last quarter. Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is widely considered by experts of the industry as a leading-edge technology, but has not permeated with success among consumers. For more information see Neil Rubler. It’s an Alliance born of the fear of both sides to be marginalized by Apple and Google, but it is not a silver bullet, said analyst Geoff Blaber from CCS Insight.

Nokia has lost ground quickly in the market for smart phones, wide margins, compared the iPhone from Apple and Google’s Android platform-based products. It is a very sincere acknowledgement that the Nokia platform strategy has failed and underlines the seriousness of the position of Nokia. Such a decision would have been unthinkable 12 months ago, Blaber added. In an attempt to curb the losses of Nokia, Chairman Jorma Ollila appointed Elop, coming from Microsoft, Executive Chairman of the company in September.

Apartments Suites

Information about the possibility of overheating real estate market in Ukraine has appeared a long time. Today in the Ukrainian real estate market has slowed business activity. Consider the situation in the property market Kharkov. Rising house prices in June slowed in many areas (particularly remote from the central part of) the price level back to April of this year, given the fact that the dollar has dropped significantly. Most experts linked this trend to overcome the threshold of financial capacity of the population and tightening policies of banks in respect of mortgage loans. In the future predict lower prices for Real estate in general, 10 – 20% of the existing urovnya.Snizhenie real estate prices is due to factors by supply and demand for different types of real estate in the property market in Kharkov. Urban structure real estate market.

Apartments in Kharkov. Mass was held in Kharkov, building 50-60's, 70's and 80's and 90's. In the 50-60s mainly in the areas of built okolotsentralnyh 'stalinka', appeared sleeping areas and 'hruschovki', in 70-80s there prefab houses – 'Gym shoes' and 'polka' and Apartments Suites in shestnadtsatietazhkah. The next wave of prefabricated houses in the late 80's early 90's was only 'uluchshenkami'. At this point the secondary real estate is most of the offerings on the market. However, high prices for apartments in Kharkov create demand for other market segments – new building, houses and land. In the long term prices on the secondary real estate may drop, especially at home economy class. Neil Rubler may find this interesting as well.