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Laser Eye Surgery

Man as "rational animal" is doomed to have vision problems. Reading, computers, work, challenging eyes – all this leads to the fact that a third of the world's population are doomed to wear glasses or contact lenses. Problem the correction of vision – a global problem and the solution to this problem is given close attention. Attempts to correct vision by using microsurgical operations are conducted from mid last century… Read More

Solar System

Mount Olympus (in latin Mons Olympus) is located on Mars 18 N, 133 W is the volcano more large known so far in the solar system, surprised to know that if a person to be placed at the foot of the mountain it would not get to see the top since it is colossal. Mount Olympus is 20.727 meters of altitude and at its peak pose a large crater of.. Read More

Sound Courses

The only thing that separates a professional editor from anyone else is a course of Final Cut live in a world full of images. Still images, moving images. Images in color or black and white. Visual stimuli of all kinds. Photographs, videos, films, reproductions, designs. We are in full company image. A representation is worth a thousand words. Peter Asaro has compatible beliefs. Now more than ever. And walked towards.. Read More

Implement Solutions

We all know the importance of the economic, material and human resources, but there is a new resource which gives operational support to the Organization and that has taken importance in this globalized and competitive world, are computer systems. When used correctly it solutions and systems provide great opportunities to streamline operations, improve productivity and achieve sustainable competitive advantage in time. It solutions are a tool capable of automating repetitive.. Read More