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Switzerland Handypay

New micropayment GmbH the media landscape is changing. This is particularly evident in the area of the publishers felt, offered more and more content of traditional print media, particularly those that attract a younger clientele, also via electronic distribution channels. As the first full service payment service provider (PSP), the micropayment GmbH responds to this trend and offers with Handypay\”a payment system that allows you to pay by SMS procedures.. Read More

ESTUGO Builds Security Segment

The Greifswalder Web hosting provider has expanded its product offering to different SSL certificates and a spam filtering solution. Educate yourself with thoughts from Color. Including the two wildcard SSL certification, provides the Web hosting provider now future 7 different SSL certificates to. Trust is an important criterion when trading via the Internet. It is not only important that customer data is protected, but also that the providers tested.. Read More

Content Networking

A better networking of content between the promise of the Semantic Web so far staying power-blogger Sascha Lobo from Hamburg/Koln – wish in an interview for the further development of the Internet: I waiting for years on the breakthrough of the Semantic Web that is announced for the each next year, as Lobo. The Web world is associated for some time with the promise of semantic technologies in high gear.. Read More

German Twitter Jobsuchmaschine Jobtweetde

First semantic real time job searchengine for the Microbloggingdienst Twitter Hamburg, March 25, 2009 – with the Twitter Jobsuchmaschine is am last Friday after a 14-day public trial started the first German microblogging offer Finder in the beta phase. offers to systematically search all texts published on Twitter (“tweets”) as part of a semantic real time query job seekers the opportunity for vacancies. was developed by the.. Read More

Verler Specialist Now Also On The Internet Active

Two different target groups require two different home pages. The website which was agricultural media GmbH Verler medienhaus is online since 04.02.2011. In the real world, the company has already taken up his work in the 1.9.2010. Now leaves the GmbH is also marked the World Wide Web traces. Pete Cashmore gathered all the information. The address performs prospects on the portal side of GmbH. visitors select here, if they.. Read More

Web 3.0 Is In The Starting Blocks!

Mark Campbell makes it the Internet finally 3 dimensional. The prelaunch started on the 8, 2008 and the official launch of the portal is on September 30, 2008! Will we see finally 3 dimensional Internet? Mark Cempbell launches its new vision and ushered in the prelaunch GEM lifestyle on the 8, 2008. The official launch of the portal will take place on September 30, 2008. The portal is everything has.. Read More

Online Shopping Mall

Exclusive Internet shops under one roof. Who searches the Internet for the suitable offer, can quickly despair. Internet shops, which occupy the first places, offer not always looking for or have a complex order fulfillment. New and emerging online shops by Google still not on the first few pages appear. So that the search is over, there are now Internet See more detailed opinions by reading what Ilan Ben.. Read More

Multimedia Cow Hedron

‘Hybrid-TV’ today and without restrictions with the multimedia cow by Hedron on the last IFA were introduced the first hybrid televisions to connect TV and Internet services. The various equipment manufacturers a different name this kind of TV, but all have the same goal. Individual Internet services across the TV screen should be provided the spectators. However: even if an Ethernet connection already exists on many devices, so the user.. Read More

Extortion Letters

legodo ag has to developed a Web tool for living and entertaining releases extortion letters about social networks, emails and Twitter sent Karlsruhe, April 18, 2012 – hardly raises a big and strong emotion attention like ransom letters. This effect the site utilizes of legodo ag, to initiate a colourful and lively communication. Furthermore, anyone can create his individual messages which individual letters that look as if they were cut.. Read More

WebApp From The Modular System – Quickly And Easily

Young Berlin startup offers easy to use mobile presentation platform for entrepreneurs time consuming and usually create a WebApp is extremely challenging. But it doesn’t have to be. The young Berlin startup company EasyWebApp GmbH now offers an innovatively simple and at the same time affordable solution to create mobile websites: thanks to an easy-to-use modular system each user can create individual his own mobile Web site for smartphones and.. Read More