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Online Booking Rates Of Travel Through Live Advice Increase

Simultaneous browsing and live communication with the travel prospects bring revenue-yielding benefits for the online business from travel providers during the tourism fair ITB 2008 was the Traveltech solutions provider TourPX the topic of live customer service on the Web in the Center. With the intuitive PXScout technology is a 1:1-communication with online customers via any Internet browser to implement. Fast assistance and support at the time of booking increases.. Read More

BistDuDasde – out of sight, in mind! Karlsruhe/Germany (29.01.2013) BistDuDas”is a second chance missed flirts: with the innovative Portal opened in the newly established Karlsruhe start-up DracoonMedia”a new perspective for random encounters. is Germany’s first spotted Web page, which is not limited to certain target groups or locations, but want to take throughout Germany under fire with Cupid’s arrows. The idea came after a train ride and a missed.. Read More

Best Shopping City A Part Of Europe

Storeforeyou is the largest online shop system that exist in Europe. With over 9 million visitors every day. Convenient shopping via the Internet, the solution is for many consumers already. Are no traffic jams, no queues and no parking search. as a licensing partner of storeforyou Germany on the shopping portal on all products now offers a refund bonus, which is paid directly to the consumer. The range of.. Read More

WebApp From The Modular System – Quickly And Easily

Young Berlin startup offers easy to use mobile presentation platform for entrepreneurs time consuming and usually create a WebApp is extremely challenging. But it doesn’t have to be. The young Berlin startup company EasyWebApp GmbH now offers an innovatively simple and at the same time affordable solution to create mobile websites: thanks to an easy-to-use modular system each user can create individual his own mobile Web site for smartphones and.. Read More

Web Internet

Ultimo/q2b: entrepreneurs Federation supplements range in terms of artistic design of commercial websites need more than a good technical implementation and a sophisticated search engine optimization. In many industries and customer environments, the question of design plays a very crucial role when it comes to the demarcation of the competition and the optimal representation of own products or services. But an elaborate design often pushes the limits of what is.. Read More

New Comparison Portal Online

Expertentipp24 – start and save money made easy. The portal offers now many new and any expert for good best products to the look on. No matter what kind of products is searched, Expertentipp24 can help. So different topics from the financial sector (bank account, credit, insurance u.v.m.), travel range (cheap travel package, flight comparison portal, cheap hotel, etc.), as well as many other interesting areas are screened currently… Read More

Social Network

Social network provides members with virtual currency for subscription traps social networks: more and more users fall into the Abofalle of advertisers. “Berlin, December 8, 2009 combat online fraud on Facebook”. While frustrated users reveal their displeasure with the subscription off reading in groups on the world’s largest and most popular social networks with sharp tones, different and innovative networks already provide a remedy for their members. Read additional details.. Read More

The Online Dating Guide – Safe Success In Courtship (eBook)

How to find your soul mate on the Internet. Regardless of the age. Worldwide are people searching for a right partner. The number of singles has grown rapidly in recent years, according to the business with the togetherness is booming. Here, the Internet plays an ever increasing role. Online contact and single portals shoot like mushrooms from the ground. Every day, millions of people on the Internet looking for a.. Read More

Social Media Professionally Take Advantage

Cologne Institute offers new social media marketing seminar at Cologne, 01.07.2010: the German Institute for marketing offers one-day seminars on social media marketing from August. Participants will receive strategic marketing to take advantage of a guide to tools like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. The first seminar held on August 19, 2010 in Cologne. Social media marketing is undoubtedly one of the big trends of the year 2010. 60% of the.. Read More