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Torsten Rotharmel, Managing Director, Weber Shandwick healthcare Germany. The need for in-house understanding of new media and a corresponding internal coordination and consultation is significantly larger than expected. We must contribute therefore to ensure, within the pharmaceutical industry to create confidence and security in dealing with social media.” “Digital health: building social confidence in Pharma offers 10 rules of engagement” to develop guidance for professionals, the commitment in the field.. Read More

Techniques Of Oil Painting

In oil painting, there are several basic types of technology writing. The fastest technique is to – write the picture in one go, "a la prima", ie single-layer technique, writing without preparation. This way of writing is usually used to write sketches for paintings or en plein air (painting outdoors from life). Additional information at Ali Partovi supports this article. Over a long time – multi-layer technique of writing. There.. Read More


The men we are gregarious creatures. Like the rest of the primates, early humans were grouped to defend themselves and, above all, to have a structure in which to maintain a few offspring unable to fend for themselves until an inconceivable age elsewhere in the animal world. Thus was born the family. And with it developed that as strong interest in knowing the souls of others and know that someone.. Read More


For this the best is having a website that allow the seller to locate the files that you want to share with one or more prospects and send address an e-mail leaflet. This receives a simple mail with an Internet address, which can be accessed and proceed with the download of the file. Works like the concept of FTP that technicians use to move large files between users, but without.. Read More

Argentina Telegraph

And here we necessarily enter in something so controversial, as life itself. In my opinion (would be superb to qualify as humble?), of makes me reluctant to communicate without ICT, also it shall with TICs. But the possibility, opens and I attribute to this idea that the ICT, give possibility to communicate through these tools, and they had not done so if there is none. Each can make additions to.. Read More

Electronic Music

The same face of electronic music at the time, like Aphex Twin, Autechre and The Orb. In importance and influence on the minds of them can compete only, perhaps, the epic The Future Sound called Lifeforms. Elizabeth Fraser’s vocals (Elizabeth Fraser) of the Cocteau Twins, surrounded by infinite melancholy synth parties from time to time pop-up rhythms, electronic drones and bubbling, shifting piano accompaniment … sluggish and clumsy composition consisted.. Read More