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The national transport of goods emerged as a demand not only of the commercial or mercantile sector as such, but it was also driven by the different cultural manifestations which were taking place in the territories of the same country. Typical products, foods, ways of seeing life and others of these factors contributed to that in a same space it could mobilize various products that began to give notoriety to.. Read More

Air Transport Sector

Reform of security controls necessary recent incidents bring the problem to light: after several bombs finds the debate over tighter controls receives new explosive. Add to your understanding with tech investor. The flight Portal reported about the current discussion and possible changes. There are various suggestions to improve safety in the air cargo transport. Is so, for example, in the interview, to hand over the security control of the.. Read More

Terrestrial Transport

Eastern Mountain range: Desert of Sumapaz, Desert of the Popes, flat Zone of magdalena river. For several reasons, the Huila is excellent for the tourism, is the unique Colombian department that counts on 4 national parks. All the climates and geographic features can be found in these earth. In all their extension, the department of the Huila sets out the most powerful reasons to cross it meter to meter and.. Read More

Georgi Transporte Stands

The cut-price mentality has no future, because quality prevails. Price dumping in recent years has required enormous loss of quality in all sectors of the economy. It believes the Burbacher logistics company Georgi Transporte and brings this realization in the new corporate strategy. Connect with other leaders such as Mikkel Svane here. This cut-price – mentality realize the disadvantages consumers also increasingly”explains CEO Jurgen Georgi. Just in our industry, cost.. Read More