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14 Hamburger Aktivoli Voluntary Exchange

Sunday der mozartwoche 2013 in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce? Adolf’s square 1 (behind the Town Hall) from 11 – 17 under the auspices of Senator Detlef Scheele. On the annual Aktivoli voluntary exchange 150 non-profit, organization and initiatives present themselves. Over 6,000 visitors showed great interest in voluntary commitment of the event last year. The FreiwilligenBorseHamburg, which then almost in the database is 900 organizations with more than.. Read More

Swiss EAO Group Uses

The aim of the project is the zero-fault production – after successfully completed FMEA, project expands the EAO cooperation with the IBS AG – about 75 percent of all quality problems arise in Hohr-Grenzhausen construction and planning, June 10, 2010: EAO is expert in the field of human machine interfaces (HMI) and global manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, such as E.g. keypads, keyboards and electronic control units. The EAO.. Read More

Accounting Enterprise

Automation of the companies with the help of 8.0 has a pretty significant advantages that make especially 1C 8.1 most attractive to many entrepreneurs, small, medium and even large enterprises. Can even indicate that at the very beginning of its popularity was approved on its merits and the quality of bookkeeping for you to become an industrial standard in dealing with the accounting records of problems. What talk about. 1C.. Read More

Smart Phone

Often, choosing a new device for communication, we with the question: what is preferred, smartphone or pda What is common between these devices and how do they differ? Let's try to find answers. Smartphone its functionality – it is a phone with added option on your computer. Externally, the smartphone is also very similar to the phone. Typically, smart phones are not equipped with touch screens, and a standard telephone.. Read More

Internet Explorer 9

After releasing three previous versions of Internet Explorer 9 and collected by them very good critical professionals and users, finally tomorrow Microsoft present expected by many first version beta of the mentioned browser. Specifically in San Francisco will be the event of presentation that will be supported by the web site Beauty of the Web (network marketing) in which nothing else finish the presentation shall publish all the news and.. Read More

EDMS Files

The present value of the document within the organizations is determined by the characteristics of present electronic documents; they can combine different units from information (text, static images, in movement, voice, etc.). Over the years its content can change of support, can be changed quickly, are easily reproducible, admits manifolds reading formats and documents with others can be readicionar. At present they have appeared diverse computer science products destined to.. Read More