Let's look at one not a bad model of the diversity of Chinese cell phones. Guinea Flying F008 is made in the form factor of the iPhone, but with convenient buttons at the bottom of the screen. Standard equipment for many Chinese Phone: 2 batteries, charger, USB cable, memory card to 2GB, and of course the phone itself. The phone has two SIM card slots, respectively, and they are active at the same time. It is very convenient – a different phone and mobile operators. One card can be used for calls and another for Internet access. Although this is already an old story, as well as built-in TV. In IPhone F008 televizorpodderzhivaet SECAM, which means that Russian TV show in color.

Now you will not miss an interesting match, or the latest news. iPhone F008 – a candy bar. The phone has a size 62h115h13 mm and is designed to work in networks GSM 850/900/1800/1900. Let's look more closely at this phone. iPhone F008 has a TFT, 262k Flowers, whose diagonal is 3.4 inches, 240×400 pixels. Excellent screen quality, which passes all the brightness and saturation of images. Touch screen very sensitive, convenient to use.

Russian language beautiful, all of the words translated correctly and without errors. They also mean that must mean it really is. SMS and MMS messages, you can also write in Russian, and take too. F008 supports Java, respectively, can play games, use Opera, Jimm (ICQ) and other programs that are based on the JAVA-technology ..