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Digital World

Recently, the firm comScore (leading firm in statistics and measurement of the digital world) unveiled 10 digital trends that will be maintained over the coming months; the growth of social networks, the email used from other platforms and devices and the use of video over the Internet are some of the aspects that will be more latent. As well, in this article we will show the trends in digital media.. Read More

Wiring, Maintenance And Installation Of Cable Lines 0,4 – 35 Sq.

Gasket, mounting to a test of new cable lines with a voltage 0.4-10kV, Moscow cable networks must be carried out by specialized construction and assembly, electrical and cooperative organizations. Staff generating installation of cable lines (superintendents, master) is allowed to work only after the passage of special education and examinations in the commission of iss Mosenergo. itr (foreman, craftsmen, etc.) after the exam is given "Permit" on the right gasket.. Read More

Entrepreneur Magazine

This time is a great time to start a business, since technology has leveled the playing field and is promoting a kind of entrepreneurial revolution. As businessmen, we now have more access to information that allows us to make smarter decisions faster. In addition, as individuals we can convert into a self-employment which has an advantage over large companies in that it is lighter, more flexible and faster to make.. Read More

Australian Aborigines

Animals gather in colonies on the coast of the peninsula of the same name, they do not have enough food, increasing the risk of infections. Last year, the shoreline length of 250 km above was found about a thousand dead walrus Scientists believe that the fires help to preserve the biodiversity of the Australian desert Scientists from Stanford University and the University of Utah in the United States as a.. Read More