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Traffic Police Extortion

If you are driving or motorists with driver, then do not just have to face various unpleasant situations on the road. And as is often very difficult to prove the traffic police to be right. But thanks continuous development of information technologies and systems, this problem probably can be solved. Secure themselves a special system – Car Video Recorder! The simplest example of extortion traffic police: you Officer stops and.. Read More

Consumer Credit

The history of one day (February 2006), I decided to buy goods on credit. Not because of the poor and not for idle interest – for his work in the stores choose a bank that will provide loans for the purchase of our products. Thought that our own experience will greatly help. To do this, come into the store on Technosila Krasnosel chose the radio, talked with the consultant on.. Read More

Google Sitemaps

Good question. A few months ago Google launched this project in BETA. Is that prepare a site map in XML format and turn it over to Google. What is the point? According to Google used to collect information on the structure of your website. You can assign the URLs, the frequency of updating and the importance of each. How it works Google gives you a script written in python to.. Read More