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Google Wallet

Users with Google Wallet link a credit card or a bank account to the service and be able to pay with your mobile phone. They must dial a code and bring the device to a reader. eBay and Paypal have sued Google for appropriating trade secrets related to this new system of payment over the phone. Google Internet giant has put forward its own system to permit payment with phones.. Read More


Aromatherapy based their results on the use of pure essential oils extracted from plants. These oils can be extracted by distillation, pressure, maceration or enfleurage. There are around 150 different essential oils. All of them have in common the antesepitica property, but also among the many properties of the oils we can find that they can be antiiflamatorios, soothing, stimulating, relaxing, afordisiacos, hypotensive, cicatrizant, expectorant, bactericides, diuretics, antibiotics, purifying, fungicides,.. Read More

New Kontsepniya Modernization Foundries

It is known that the best indicators of universality, providing high quality castings are automatic molding line (APL), which are the “heart” of the foundry. To date, modern apl in most cases are working on “Seyattsu-process (Seiatsu Process), in which the seal of sand-clay mixture is carried by air flow (pulse) with a further hydraulic pressing multiplunger head. In modern foundries apl working simultaneously with the number of sets of.. Read More

GETUP Congress

“” “” Arrival: in train or carpool who goes by train to the GETUP Congress after meal early bird and group discounts, has a lot of money to save various options: special offer FIBO, the early booking discount”, the discount price” and the groups offer group & savings “of Deutsche Bahn. 1 special offer of FIBO: this offering the ticket price for the round-trip is only 99 Euro for food.. Read More