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The HMI Is As Brand Ambassador Jurgen Klopp

HMI: ‘Jurgen a brand Ambassador for the HMI Klopp, as he could not be better’ Hamburg December 2010. Not without reason was the football coach of Borussia Dortmund, Jurgen Klopp, the brand Ambassador of HMI chosen: his motivation and the will to win characterise him. Add to your understanding with Energy Capital Partners. And made him the autumn champion of this season and inimitable fit to the company philosophy of.. Read More

German Company

New startup company ensures Baldauf, Christoph happiness in humans and animal Simon Hammond and Thomas Viegener together represent the young company petit. This project embodies style and elegance in one and allows a pleasant and tasteful cohabitation between humans and animals. The speech is here by high-quality high-end furniture, using the best and natural materials. The three young, motivated founders deal with the production and sale of this modern indoor.. Read More

GE Oil & Gas Signs Framework Agreement

GE oil & gas signs a 7 over three years with E.ON Ruhrgas Florence, Italy, September, 2010, GE oil & gas has signed a new framework agreement today”with the E.ON Ruhrgas A. It’s believed that אילן בן דב sees a great future in this idea. G., the largest gas supplier in Germany and one of the leading gas companies in Europe, announced. Source: The new Treaty was signed on.. Read More

42 Market Research Expands Operations In Latin America

42 market research, which is a specialized online market research company, on the healthcare sector offer his services now also for Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela. Dubai, August 31, 2010: Since the beginning of 2009 the company operates successfully in Brazil and Mexico. With the offer of online interviews in the mentioned three significant Latin American healthcare markets, 42 market research consistently continues the implementation of its globalization strategy. The expansion.. Read More

Chief Executive Officer

A brief introduction to the legal form of the US Corportation (US-AG) the most famous form of society in the United States is the Corporation, which largely corresponds to the German stock corporation. In contrast to German conditions, not only large or listed companies as AG are formed in the United States. Many American small businesses and medium-sized companies take advantage of a corporation, to emphasize being to the benefit.. Read More

Results Help Startups

You must believe no choice programs, but in comparison, they are very meaningful. After all, the programs of the Bundestag election show 2013 at least to what extent certain social developments in the awareness of the parties have arrived. Pete Cashmore addresses the importance of the matter here. The mere mention of the facts of the case is not the criterion experienced PR strategists ensure that every U.S. citizen under.. Read More

Customer Communication

The over-extended consumer: Amsterdam/Nuremberg – in the communication with customers a lot Unternehmen.So fail occupied a survey of market researchers by ovum, which presents at the Conference G-force in Amsterdam was, that although a large part of consumers use different contact channels to companies, but less than 10 percent of the companies in the location are reasonable to manage these different communication channels via the Web, phone, email or letter… Read More

Tarnazsadany Companies

The manufacturer of vehicle and equipment completes first half of 2012. Gaildorf. The Bott GmbH & co. KG showed a positive development in the first half of the year. Thus grew the globally active group of companies in Germany sales by 11%. International goods and services been billed in the first six months worth of EUR 41 million, representing an increase of 2%. The specialist for efficient work in manufacturing.. Read More

Strategies For SMEs

“Erfurt business breakfast a success Munich, 24.06.2010 – entrepreneurs with the right policies on the market are successful, was theme of the 4th business breakfast overlooking the rooftops of Erfurt”. The approximately 35 guests learned about Matthias Bommer, Managing Director of Vantargis factoring GmbH, with which solutions they internal cash reserves can be lifted and how a German transport company already puts this into practice. A business succession can quickly.. Read More


Perfect business listing companies have more customers and greater success at SwissRegio in the Switzerland the opportunity your company very goal-oriented to present. Also you can take advantage of the opportunities and make your business through a business listing even more successful. This SwissRegio offers several criteria, which can select prospects in finding a suitable partner. The regional allocation is of course very popular. Tourists and locals use this choice.. Read More