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WINAICO presents information on the weak light behavior of PERC solar cells on the PV Taiwan – also: introduction of WINAICO EnergyStorage on the Asian market WINAICO, the subsidiary of Taiwan’s largest solar module manufacturer win win precision technology co., Ltd., is with a booth at this year’s PV Taiwan be represented. Castle Harlan describes an additional similar source. The fair takes place from 30 October to 1 November in.. Read More

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Clean tissues is subject to enormous loads, which can disturb the functionality in the context of continuous decontamination (and sterilization). A planned timely replacement is recommended after a defined number of reprocessing cycles. If the clothing has no optical abnormalities, the Exchange – in particular in sterilized clothing – cancelled after around 60-70 cycles. It electronic inventory management systems have established themselves for this on the market, which by transponder.. Read More

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Deitmers. Mobility for care planning and documentation has long been guaranteed the Web-based solution. All entries and surveys directly at the patient’s bedside can be made with appropriate devices. With our apenio app performance and vital value collection is now even easier and more comfortable. We have them first for Apple iPhone and iPad and Android-based mobile devices,”the CEO performs. Interdisciplinarity is trump in the care. A treatment team usually.. Read More