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Quality Engines YMZ

By the nature of my work I often have to answer questions on engine operation, the Yaroslavl Motor Plant. This article prompted me to write a statement that imports engines break down much less than YMZ engines. With proper maintenance of our machinery is living for decades with no problems. I know whereof I speak, because engaged in the implementation engines for over 10 years and most of that time.. Read More

Ukrainian Dealers

Probably many people there is a legitimate question, where so many foreign cars on Ukrainian roads. It would seem that the answer to this question is very simple, fetches them from abroad. But not everyone can be the same owner, For example, Mercedes or BMW, go to Europe to buy a car. Specifically what each person could buy just such a car as he wants and can afford, and have.. Read More

Cargo Transportation

In the modern world in many spheres of life we are confronted with the problem of transportation. Regardless of the type and amount of transported property, we transport goods by any mode of transport. Choose the type of cargo depends on several factors: the range of the destination, due date of delivery of cargo and the nature of the goods. But no matter how it was different kinds of freight,.. Read More

Established Headunits

Established head units use, installation, choose With no head unit's hard to imagine a modern car. Since a lot of head units provide the necessary facilities for the motorist. It should be vydedeit several key features head units. Receiving sigranala. Ideal radio reception allows the use of GPS-navigation, which is very convenient. Because with GPS receivers you can consent to paint a new path in the terrain. Using the head.. Read More