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The System

The electrician reports information about protective equipment and measures as well as to potential dangers regarding the testing of electrical equipment. In this way, a skilled worker, janitor or craftsmen with electro-technically instructed person can be trained. The electrician has the responsibility for all tests. An electro-technically instructed person is authorized to perform repeat tests under certain circumstances. The electrician must be for the supervision and direction of recurring inspection.. Read More

Human Psychology

That's the way human psychology: once in our life slips something new, we will compare this "new" to something already existing. Consequently make mistakes in the assessment, as they say, this "Know-how." Has not been spared this phenomenon and the perception of distance learning (DL). Most Russians identify with distance education correspondence courses. And profoundly mistaken. They can not identify. We will understand and put everything on the shelves. First… Read More

Health Insurance

Each of us had to seek the services of paid medical services. However, there are several options of payment for these services: – personal doctor – through cash payment of medical institutions – under the policy VHI – Voluntary Health insurance. In the minds of many people have developed various myths – the best way to pay for medical services. Let's try to understand these judgments. The first myth to.. Read More

Theater Tickets And Concert Tickets

A few years ago, in order to purchase tickets to the show in the theater, performances by singers, concert or movie, we were forced to stand in line and spend a lot of valuable time and energy. Now, thanks to various innovations and advanced technologies, all made much easier. To see what cultural events are held in the near future in sports or the hall, there is no need to.. Read More


The material for the scrubber is selected from hardened steel. Material thickness – 2 mm. The working end of the scraper should not be a straight line, and should have a slight bend – scraper so you can more accurately maintain the trajectory of motion, and it will not cut into the edges of the wood. 2Himichesky paint removal method With this method, the removal of paint is made using.. Read More