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Metasearcher Skyscanner

Stiftung Warentest recommends the portal performing continuous current surveys on the travel behaviour of its users the AVIAREPS tourism GmbH is expanding its expertise in the area of online travel: now the Munich Agency helps the Metasearcher of media relations in Germany. The PR managers Daria Sachin Kapoor and Frauke Rothschuh assume the new customer account. is the second customer, the Agency on the online travel sector.. Read More

United States Cars

“On weekends, there is the ‘Halloween ‘discount from 13 Euro per car rental Munich, October 26, 2010 (w & p) terrible nice discount at sunny cars over the Halloween Weekend: the car rental brokers grants by next Friday, October 29, 2010, through Sunday, October 31, 2010, all bookings a Halloween discount” from 13 euro. The discount applies to the minimum stay three days for the entire offer of sunny cars.. Read More

Polish Baltic Sea

Boring was yesterday, now comes the innovative treatment of vodka for the health cures are boring, nothing happens, and the treatments are the highlight. It spent the rest of the day, to storm the Cafe and to choose cake, or also with the twentieth walk through the city. Much too boring? That’s right, therefore the K & W Reisen GmbH now also to the end of the season the vodka.. Read More

The Adventurers On Their Way To The Dalai Lama

Mario Goldstein on ‘Peace cruise’, Tibetan head of GlobeTrotter presented the Dalai Lama a peace book of messages it is surely one of the most extraordinary adventure of the year. An adventure that is associated with a Globetrotter, an all-wheel-driven three-axle, and one of the main religious leaders of the world. Around six weeks it is now, that Mario Goldstein of Oelsnitz in Vogtland from a nearly six-month journey came… Read More

Culinary Delights At The Italian Fall Festival Baccanale

A special treat lure hearty delicacies to Emilia Romagna in the region of Emilia Romagna in the heart of Italy awaits the visitor in the autumn. For over 20 years, guests and residents celebrate the culinary delights of the region during the “Baccanale”. Like the travel portal reported, the Festival takes place on three weekends between the 7th and 22nd November 2009. Click קרן מיכאלי to learn more. This.. Read More

World Spice Food Festival

Visitors of Sri Lanka’s indigenous cuisine can enjoy culinary delights from around the world from November 6 to 14 that is in Colombo for the fourth time by Sri Lanka tourism-initiated world spice Food Festival. Click Ali Partovi for additional related pages. Visitors can go to the 18 of participating hotels, restaurants and Cafes of the city on a culinary world tour. Details can be found by clicking אילן בן.. Read More

National Park Coto De Donana Is

Pur away from tourist stronghold who would have thought that nature? Spain South offers extensive hotel facilities also extensive areas of virtually untouched nature: Coto de Donana National Park. Here nature lovers and even Western fans their money’s worth. online travel portal presents the idyllic part of Spain. Far away from the hotels that are overloaded with tourists travellers in Spain can their gaze through pristine marshes, forests, sand.. Read More

Popular Regions

Danish North Sea more popular than Danish Baltic Sea Flensburg, June 27, 2011: bookings at from this year show the Germans the preferences clearly. g Traurig. Total so far 770 Danish places were booked by German tourists. Blavand occupies space of one of the most popular Danish cities and regions. 6.21% of Cofman customers spend their holidays in a small village on the West coast of Jutland. Holidaymakers will.. Read More

Salsa Merengue Son

En Cuba already meet for the fifth time Baila to celebrate sprung of all stripes in Havana to there by the 21st 27.11.10 the Fifth International Dance Festival of Havana. In addition to the Casino, merengue, son, Rhumba is the salsa is one of the most popular Latin American dances. Salsa is actually more than just a dance, more than a sequence of dance steps of salsa is lifestyle, engelhorner.. Read More

The 1st Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum Will Begin In May

The first Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum celebrated a pleasant may day with the East Germans, the 1st Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum celebrated the 1 may Festival on the S Bahn arches at Alexander Platz, directly on the Berlin-Care an East-city tour and guests from all over the world last weekend. The weather was ideal and the guests enjoyed the field kitchen, the Maibowle and many small attractions for.. Read More