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Stretch Ceiling

Stretch ceiling is a canvas with a smooth or embossed texture, spanned by the mounted around the perimeter of the room frame. The result is a perfectly smooth surface, which can be built point or any other fixtures. Material for stretch ceiling is durable pvc film in various colors and textures, which can cause print. Appeared in Russia about 12 years ago, such ceilings quickly gained popularity thanks to its.. Read More

Automatic Doors

Treat yourself, automatic doors with aluminum frame established by specialists who know their job will be to work qualitatively and without breakdowns 10-15 years. Standard same door on its hinges during the same period of time does not require quality repairs or even replacement. Installation of automatic doors not only saves you time and money, but the nerve cells, which are known, are not restored. Virtually all reputable supermarkets or.. Read More

Modern Insulating Materials

In the production of various modern insulating materials are used the following methods of education they have a highly porous structure. Gassing method, based on the allocation of gas in poriziruemom material by adding to the basic raw material of special . Method of foaming is to reduce the surface tension of the liquid, usually water, with the addition thereto of surface-active substances – foam, which creates a foam that.. Read More

Polyurethane Shells

Fixing shells can be produced on-site construction of the pipeline or in the shop. Principle applies when replacing old insulation anywhere in the heating during the planned renovation of heating systems and in emergency situations – for fast recovery in isolation on a refurbished section of the pipeline. Assembling shells rtd has a low complexity and high speed. If we ignore the time spent on the production of polyurethane foam.. Read More