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State Vulnerability

The Kaspersky Lab anti-virus software developer explains what are the famous vulnerabilities and why they are considered best friends from hackers. The concept of vulnerability is often mentioned in connection with the security of computers in different contexts. The term vulnerability refers to the violation of a security policy. This may be due to inadequate safety rules or problems and errors within the same program. Theoretically, all computer systems have.. Read More


-A platform of e-learnig electronic whiteboards is a software system that enables different features students and teachers: aspect teacher student content – flexibly manage multimedia educational content – flexibly access multimedia educational content – flexibly access multimedia educational content assessments – develop questions/items for exams and self-assessments banks – elaborate tests – tests – to assess perform self-assessments – receive feedback from evaluations and self-evaluations trails – custom track of.. Read More


Surely all some time we have been invited to attend a webinar. A webinar or conference online, it is a seminar, which is conducted entirely online, whereby participants are in a virtual environment, rather than having to move to the place where he teaches. A webinar can count on some few participants, or meetings of many participants. Generally speaking, between 15 and 20 participants is the number with which the.. Read More

Viewer Structures

These diagnostic techniques offer sections on colors, but do not allow to view images directly in three dimensions, so that we unite these brain structures in 3D images, indicates Juanes, which ensures that this new material for neuroscientists was impressive, since it assumed a very important contribution to know which anatomical structures were affected. The raw material is the radiological image and, from there, we rebuild what can do the.. Read More

Control Online

5.Emails of support to customers reduce resources for servicing clients. Instead of saying them to its customers how to do something complicated using a series of text messages, show them how to do it with one Video Email. 6.Cursos autoresponder in Multi Media instead of getting people to read your lessons, let them listen to him or look at him. A multi media autoresponder course causes the printing of much.. Read More

Digital Tour

Finally, a digital tour is much more expensive to easy to use.This piece of engineering with 99 percent of the browsers and computing platforms.Party companies factor makes the screen 360 virtual tours the file format perfect for many web sites.This type of programming will be more advanced than the Java or even quick visits Flash file periodo.formato can also be faster and does not require a lot of server Read More