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Plastisol Coatings

Hot-dip galvanizing provides cathodic protection of metal resistant to corrosion. Zinc layer on the surface is 25-30 microns. In the context of this multilayered sheet resembles a cake at the heart of which is galvanized steel, further passivated layer, the primer, and at the end polymer coating on the front side and a protective paint from the bottom. Polymer coating is a material made from organic polymers (synthetic resins or.. Read More

Hi-Tech Kitchen Design

Furniture, fabrics, dishes should also be smooth and shiny. Shine as it increases the space adds a light, creates a sense of sterility. This is quite contribute and mirrors. Instead of the standard curtains and curtains better hide from the sun with plastic or metal blinds. Well enliven interior hi-tech large impressive aquarium with exotic inhabitants. Lighting hi-tech It is true chosen lighting is one of the most important points.. Read More

Wooden Windows

Select suitable windows for your own home or office today really just a matter of fact. Naturally, if you is simple – make the final selection of the many options being proposed. Since the main challenge today is directly a considerable range. Large number of different techniques used in the window industry, today provided the probability of any person to choose the most appropriate choice for each particular option. Rich.. Read More

CNC Systems

The positional systems, CNC machining is carried out in process of alternating or simultaneous movement of the working bodies of the machine coordinates for various (X, Y, Z). In the contour control system moves the working parts of the machine along a path (usually curvilinear) and the contour rate specified by the program. Contouring speed is the resultant feed rate of the working bodies of the machine, the direction of.. Read More