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Digital Computers

Conceptually, the current digital computers are very similar among themselves, since all of them are based on an architecture proposed in 1946 by the American John von Newmann (1903-1957). Now, nearly all current computers can be classified into four basic types: personal computers, workstations, minicomputers and mainframes. Personal computers (Personal Computer, PC) have a size suitable for a desktop and are economically more affordable. Originally, PCs were conceived and designed.. Read More

Computer Games

That we have spent time playing video games (and I don’t mean a few years, but nearly two decades) understand it as increasingly important and indispensable the entertainment part. There is more to see the figures that are handled in the big studios when creating a title of the stature of the new Call of Duty or Assassin s Creed, and needless to say that the first days for sale.. Read More


My recommendation, set before the Original budget, and not move one iota from him. And at the end, only at the end, comenza to modify. Error 3: Poor metric computation. Your home will build it one once, you won’t have a second chance to do it right, so you have to count with very effective tools for not failing, and that the construction of your House is a real pleasure… Read More

Working at a Computer Desk

New media have been implanted in our customs and we spend 43% of our active time using them. But we don’t sit properly. This causes back pain by being at the computer working, playing, reading or writing. Bad posture repeated daily causes damage to the spine, neck and wrists, but until now the supports that were available to us did not allow us sentasemos correctly. For this reason, has come.. Read More

Networker Marketing

How to build a solid network for your MLM business. Is there really a secret that will allow you to build your network of business in Network Marketing? I don’t honestly believe in secrets, I think much more in learning and action, but seeing the reality, it would seem that if there is. Most of the 97% of people who enter in the industry of Network Marketing or multilevel fails.. Read More

Spanish Diet

DietGourmet, healthy home restoration company, begins the new season after the holidays with new dishes and menus, fruit of the studies carried out by the Department of research and quality of the company. This Department, whose director is Ismael Sanchez, consists of a kitchen, a laboratory, and a tasting room to sample new dishes. Our system of work consists in the elaboration of a menu that fits the specifications which.. Read More