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National Park Coto De Donana Is

Pur away from tourist stronghold who would have thought that nature? Spain South offers extensive hotel facilities also extensive areas of virtually untouched nature: Coto de Donana National Park. Here nature lovers and even Western fans their money’s worth. online travel portal presents the idyllic part of Spain. Far away from the hotels that are overloaded with tourists travellers in Spain can their gaze through pristine marshes, forests, sand.. Read More

Popular Regions

Danish North Sea more popular than Danish Baltic Sea Flensburg, June 27, 2011: bookings at from this year show the Germans the preferences clearly. g Traurig. Total so far 770 Danish places were booked by German tourists. Blavand occupies space of one of the most popular Danish cities and regions. 6.21% of Cofman customers spend their holidays in a small village on the West coast of Jutland. Holidaymakers will.. Read More

Salsa Merengue Son

En Cuba already meet for the fifth time Baila to celebrate sprung of all stripes in Havana to there by the 21st 27.11.10 the Fifth International Dance Festival of Havana. In addition to the Casino, merengue, son, Rhumba is the salsa is one of the most popular Latin American dances. Salsa is actually more than just a dance, more than a sequence of dance steps of salsa is lifestyle, engelhorner.. Read More

The 1st Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum Will Begin In May

The first Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum celebrated a pleasant may day with the East Germans, the 1st Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum celebrated the 1 may Festival on the S Bahn arches at Alexander Platz, directly on the Berlin-Care an East-city tour and guests from all over the world last weekend. The weather was ideal and the guests enjoyed the field kitchen, the Maibowle and many small attractions for.. Read More

Adriatic Riviera

Holiday and nature on Adriatic coast: Choose between campsites, apartments and hotels in the lidi di Comacchio. Book your holiday on the Adriatic coast. If you have a passion for camping, a few other goals will be how local services, events throughout the summer offer the same mix of quality camping grounds, the proximity to the sea, the Adriatic coast external. Source: isearch. The most camping Lido di Spina gift.. Read More

Creative Sleep

The designer hotel searching for new and exciting experiences increasingly become company sport. So much is already seen, experienced and evaluated, that many tourists are looking for that special something, the unique. A new, creative decor with discovery character in so-called designer hotels is dedicated to this trend, as the booking portal The Van Gogh hanging in the Voyer, the carpets are brushed and the floors Flash: A nice.. Read More

Air Transport Sector

Reform of security controls necessary recent incidents bring the problem to light: after several bombs finds the debate over tighter controls receives new explosive. Add to your understanding with tech investor. The flight Portal reported about the current discussion and possible changes. There are various suggestions to improve safety in the air cargo transport. Is so, for example, in the interview, to hand over the security control of the.. Read More

Costa Ricacoffee Bananas

Costa Rica-a small country with a great future of Costa Rica on the way from the Banana Republic to the innovative technology. During the Spanish colonial rule, Costa Rica traditionally lived from agriculture. Only in the 18th century began the at that time still very poor small country, with the export of cocoa and tobacco. The country witnessed the economic breakthrough, however, only with the help of coffee cultivation in.. Read More