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A Little About Packaging

In the food industry is very important to have high quality products and always perfect for the consumer. To be able to count with fresh, safe food it is necessary to count with an excellent packaging that keep our product as we want and need. Currently there are many packaging companies in Monterrey that provide this service. There are different machines for packaging and different series, which are adjusted to.. Read More


The present monitoring and evaluation proposal aims to both, using technological means available in the media room, that allows quick and efficient communication between the technical teaching of coordination of distance education area and the responsible of the classroom media. On the other hand, it is also considered necessary to make direct visits enabling one closer between the responsible of the classrooms of media and staff coordination, with the purpose.. Read More

Advertising Banners

Why most online stores fail? The 10 most important reasons are: 1 – has No visits. 2. Do not have a segmented and qualified web positioning. 3 It lacks completely of usability and persuadability. 4. Design and browsing it is confusing. 5. The architecture of links is not made well. 6. The visitor can’t find what you looking for in less than 6 seconds, because of the poor structuring of.. Read More

4 Rules Of Design For The Construction Of Our House

Recently a friend asked me to help him determine the proper size for a room in a family home that was designing for the construction. I was looking for some design rules that will ensure a comfortable environment, architecturally correct spaces, a shortcut for good design. Well it is, having the ability to do a bit of research, patience, know that comfort is looking for and quite tasteful. A good.. Read More