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Against this situation the teacher in the classroom finds his intimate and private space, reflecting about the disadvantages, of the political and economic obstacles that prevent the recognition of the value of their roll, those that are able of: to exert a gracious critic of the present educative conditions, to imagine another school and to create conditions necessary to transform the one that they have. The ideology of the educational.. Read More

Won Money Online

Hello, in this post I want to ask you if you’ve won money with internet and if you haven’t done so when it was the last time you did it, you ask for that you ask this question, the answer is very simple, to win money online is this becoming a trend, not in a fashion, a trend, since every day we seek new sources of revenue internet has become.. Read More


My recommendation, set before the Original budget, and not move one iota from him. And at the end, only at the end, comenza to modify. Error 3: Poor metric computation. Your home will build it one once, you won’t have a second chance to do it right, so you have to count with very effective tools for not failing, and that the construction of your House is a real pleasure… Read More