Modern technology can provide, you make any kind of electrical wiring. Open electrical wiring in a wooden house. Exposed electrical wiring – laid on the surface of walls, ceilings, on farms and other building elements of buildings and structures on the supports. Installation of open wiring homes, cottages, apartments, offices, warehouses can be performed directly on the surface of walls, ceilings, on the strings, ropes, rollers, isolators, pipes, conduits, gofroshlange (ripple), flexible metal hoses (Metal hose), on trays, in electrical skirting boards and architraves-free suspension. Open electrical wiring can be fixed, mobile and portable. Open, outdoor electrical wiring – the most simple and safe way to electrical installation.

Cabling in this case runs in electrical boxes (cable channels), gofroshlange (ripple), pvc pipes, open way. Widespread received external electrical wiring, built in the cable channel. Electrical work in a wooden house with boxes different: high-speed assembly, reliability, utility power (all cable available for inspection), quick and easy alteration of electricity (transfer of sockets, switches, light fixtures, adding a new line). Colours boxes is very large, from pure white to dark shades of wood, and if try, we can find the black boxes. True, the price of the box, structured under a tree, much higher than that of whites. The second option open wiring – it's an electrical work with Corrugated Pipe (gofroshlanga, corrugations). Because of their aesthetic appearance of such a method is suitable mainly for electrification, baths, utility rooms, warehouses and household buildings. To log buildings may be suitable wiring electricity in pvc pipes.