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Total Game

In Multiplayer mode displays all the features of Supreme Commander 2. If two teams get together pretty good players, a couple of minutes will be observed great battles, the battle colorful, amazing moves and of course thought-out tactics. Supreme Commander 2 combines the effects of the popular first person shooters and, of course, the strategy and tactics of the first part of the SC. Supreme Commander 2 original. Even if.. Read More

FreePlay Online Games

Online games come and go in the Free2Play segment, the cycle of (virtual) life. Here is a list of games that went offline 2013. A retrospective exhibition of Hamburg, 16 January 2014 also 2014 plenty new Free2Play online games to attract of the user will compete, success will be granted which will show the next year. Here now but we remember to convince the “gamer” community of the title,.. Read More

Computer Games

That we have spent time playing video games (and I don’t mean a few years, but nearly two decades) understand it as increasingly important and indispensable the entertainment part. There is more to see the figures that are handled in the big studios when creating a title of the stature of the new Call of Duty or Assassin s Creed, and needless to say that the first days for sale.. Read More