Lost in a tangle of gadgets, plugins, ads, images, buttons, etc. is definitely not suitable for anyone. My advice in this part is to see a trend in minimalism applies to web design: pure colors, simple backgrounds, clean and preferably of a single color or a gradient subtle details and small effects at most rollovers are the key for a nice design, especially if you’re starting in the world of web site design. 3. Make your page light: If your site loads slowly, has a probability of 23. 5 in 100 that his views go, this corresponds more or less than three seconds, which means that only 3 seconds to make users not give the back button or back. The main reason is that we all know we could find that information elsewhere, so. .

. because I would stay in a page that takes more than 5 seconds to load each topic? 4. Define your objectives: The overall objective of a website should be primarily to inform, however the specific objectives are to define the nature and direction of the page. For example: If you are designing a website for a movie theater can put specific goal that your customers pay attention to the posters of the latest movies, then you know that you can easily opt to place the first posters in a section directly under the head and a black background to give visibility, but. . . What if there is any movie in particular that you would like your customers to see, and therefore do click on the image of the poster? well then do the background reasons for that movie especially since it puts a very subtle effect or something to highlight it without exaggeration, something that comes more to the subconscious.