If you already have an account on Google Adsense I congratulate you. you have probably already received the welcome message and some suggestions for starting the implementation, in this paper we present two ways to place Google Adsense ads on a blog created in the Blogger platform. Where ads can be placed. As the message about notes, Google ads or an AdSense for search box can be placed on any website that complies with the policies of the program, it is not necessary to check Google before that site, just paste the code concerned and will be detected automatically and ads appear on the site. Ads in Blogger. For starters in the creation of personal spaces on the Internet and want to start discovering ways to generate extra income, I have always recommended to use the Blogger platform as well as being free, it offers excellent support, various support tools and is constantly improvement, in general their use is extremely friendly and being an additional program Google to include your ad is fast and simple.

Option # 1 One of the features I really like Blogger is the way to add gadget, the gadgets are small applications or programs that give easy access to functions that are often required and also presented visual information, among these is that of Adsense. On entering the editing area of your blog, under the tab “Design” observed according to the template you have chosen a space that says “Add a Gadget” by clicking on it, you’ll see a list of options, between the core will be easy to locate the Adsense, click on it and you can configure the advertisement in size, format and color, now click save and return to the area of design, you can move the gadget and where you accommodate seems more appropriate. Option # 2 In the edit panel of your blog can also access the tab “Monetizing,” it will find the options to decide where you want to include ads Google with some suggestions, choose the one you see fit, remember you can always change if the final result is not satisfactory, after clicking the “Continue” button and insert the required information ready, your ads will appear in the right place. Last tip. I suggest you try and experiment all you want until you are satisfied with the result, have the option of easily removed and reinserted, so if the result of your configuration does not like, try, try and try again.