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With RSS, the blog owner could update his readers with new content and use RSS as a way to organize your content into a form more accessible for the benefit of any person wishing to use it. Using it, just do not read it! RSS Uses: The site appears in search engine and RSS directories. Use RSS to update their web sites fresh content, relevant – automatically – without writing.. Read More

Daddy Baby Shower

Try something new, a Daddy Baby Shower. Although no one could realistically expect a new daddy-to-be to sit around with his closest friends, opening baby shower gifts and party games while oohing and exclamations about the impending birth of his son. That does not mean that Dad can not have a baby shower kind of celebration. Daddy deserves to celebrate the birth of his son, too! Of course, the term.. Read More

The Head Gadget

Lost in a tangle of gadgets, plugins, ads, images, buttons, etc. is definitely not suitable for anyone. My advice in this part is to see a trend in minimalism applies to web design: pure colors, simple backgrounds, clean and preferably of a single color or a gradient subtle details and small effects at most rollovers are the key for a nice design, especially if you’re starting in the world of.. Read More