Try something new, a Daddy Baby Shower. Although no one could realistically expect a new daddy-to-be to sit around with his closest friends, opening baby shower gifts and party games while oohing and exclamations about the impending birth of his son. That does not mean that Dad can not have a baby shower kind of celebration. Daddy deserves to celebrate the birth of his son, too! Of course, the term baby shower does not invoke visions of baby themed parties. As described above in planning a baby shower. So perhaps "baby shower" is not an appropriate name for this meeting. Why limit yourself to a label, anyway? It's called "holding-Jim's" imminent, "the paternity of the party, if desired, instead of baby showers for dad.

Here are some suggestions to make this kind of part of parent-to-be to remember: Play Games: Well, not baby shower games. But you can play poker, horseshoes or even a game of shirts-n-skins football in the backyard. Eat, drink and be merry: Have tons of fattening and not-good-for-you food. Make ribs, cheese steaks, wings, and all you can eat with your hands and make a mess. The wives are not there to complain and can growl all you want. Take a few beers (or soda if you prefer) and barbecue. Last Night Out: Take the dad-to-be with a night on the town to rival his bachelor party. Are any bars, play pool, shoot some darts, and not go home until they were expelled from at least three places.