Aesop, fabulist and Nietzhe (and the jump is noticed here that I open a parenthesis to enclose poets, philosophers, economists, scientists and artists at the time misunderstood by the absence of light deprived of all his contemporaries optical scanning). No light. The reasoning is a sin exhausting, thought is a disease that weakens the neurons, and therefore Descartes exists, then do not think "… newspapers will not opinion pages and its bazaar Daniel Samper, sed sadden … But that is because it is light fades, and also the remaining pages will be more fun, easier to read, and this is already a safe passage to our evolution. Burned (in a ritual act and beautiful) all books entitled "The Discourse on Method" know our history "and were changed by works that if we solve problems, although Paul's white beard Cohelo make us think of retired life (God forbid all).

With all the streets full of darkness, ie, without journalists honest, no dreamers poets, without artists transparent, without men sensitive because they are a bump for the course of the capitalist-paternal of this beautiful world that was not called " beautiful world, "lacking the streets of all these crazy without praise, the light-bulb factory and invented a new light bulbs available to all, the new economy will be uniformly accelerated and all God's children including those who did not speak lamps and bulbs and new media, including newspapers no opinion, bring ready-made puzzles with the names of the different types of lighting fixtures, and woe to those who do not have one! … I therefore propose a world without light. The light shines revolutions. Light Adam discovered that night covered with candid caution. Eraclito The light illuminates when he discovered the reality of sunlight a big problem why the Library of Alexandria. Omit light. Let us dedicate ourselves to imagine a world without light, is dancing the new musical genre that discredits, is led by the new fashion in the meantime would be no lights, it's working like dogs for a better future, either way and doing what is, imagine a world without light, that is, to quote a good pope, "a better world …. Can you imagine?