The online shop is a mobile project with Better Discount guarantee. The slogan “Find Out What’s Next” we guarantee you for this store that you purchase your new mobile phone package to for better conditions. No ifs or buts: If you find one in our acquired mobile package from a different supplier at more favorable terms, we will refund the difference directly to your account! The Better-warranty work in which we limit the range of handset models on the most popular and best models, in order to move the device types in appropriate discount offered classes. The same applies to the collective choice – we choose here for a selection of the cheapest deals currently on the market and sell these “mass” – that allows appropriate pricing and special negotiations with providers and network operators. There is also a highly efficient, streamlined and centralized shipping logistics, of course, without compromising the service to our customers. The Better conditions for our warranty: it must be either the same offer, that is the same phone model, same price and same delivery and service conditions, such as free-to-door delivery. The offer of more favorable supplier at least for 1 week and may not be valid under the proviso “as long as supplies last” position. The Better warranty does not apply to clearance sales due to store closure, errors, etc.

in offers, unique pieces. The Better warranty is two weeks from your order, but no more until the end of each calendar month. Fake offers are excluded. The Better warranty includes red minus prices = money out for you. All red minus mean prices in the shop: the case of mobile packages with a negative price you get – instead of paying something – paid the stated amount! In full in one lump sum directly to your account.