Anyone whose lost theircell phone, or even if it was stolen – pay attention! There has been for some time a technology that allows free cell phone tracking – through the simple registration to a mobile phone tracking website one can locate the lost mobile phone. The location gives him the opportunity, the location of the thief or finder of mobile phones to identify themselves and then pass on the determined location on the location information to the police – he has a chance that he can reclaim the phone. Such a free mobile phone tracking offers example. The mobile positioning itself is free for every registered user. A so-called “activation SMS” is necessary to locate the cell phone for the first time a trial basis, and thus further facilitate positioning. For the activation SMS has a “normal” SMS messages are sent, this costs the same amount as a normal SMS with the respective provider, ie 0.06 to 0.19.

It is important that the activation SMS BEFORE the loss of the mobile phone is sent, a subsequent activation is not possible. The user has when he has assured himself that his phone is no longer in his possession online the choice between two options: 1 The cell phone to reported as lost, 2 the cell phone to report as stolen. The difference between these two possibilities is that the hereafter sent flash-sms that is sent to the mobile phone in the message which, to the specified by the user upon registration or even written on demand. The thief or the “dishonest Finder” is now notified thereof, that the phone was located.