The history of one day (February 2006), I decided to buy goods on credit. Not because of the poor and not for idle interest – for his work in the stores choose a bank that will provide loans for the purchase of our products. Thought that our own experience will greatly help. To do this, come into the store on Technosila Krasnosel chose the radio, talked with the consultant on loans, and then was sent to a bank representative who will extend credit. I note that in the shop working with representatives of several banks that provide loans, at least, 3.

Interesting to see the picture when the buyer refused a loan at one bank, and Representatives of other banks are turning to the buyer with the phrase: 'And you try to get credit in our bank …'. Fun! Registration took place in two stages: first, fill the contract, receipt of acceptance of the bank to issue credit, it took 20-30 minutes. Next dooformlenie contracts and documents for the goods: waited 1 hour and then decided to come in the evening after 4:00, when the documents are probably already ready. As a result, in my arms: radio 1 pc., A credit agreement pcs. amounting to about 8000 rubles (10 payments of 800 rubles a month), the printout next to the address I specify points of the loan (dominated by Russian Post), a few blank receipts for payment of the loan through the Russian Post. Chapter 1: Surprise Then came March 2006, and therefore need to make payment for the loan.