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Soviet Union Authorities

But all these amateur companies, which often come onto the market by accident, have great difficulty to implement and suffer significant losses. – Are you satisfied with the ratio government agencies to small and medium-sized businesses are facing a corruption extortion, characteristic of post-Soviet countries? – Government is seriously and fundamentally helps to develop tourism business. By the same author: Kai-Fu Lee. In the construction business as a governmental support,.. Read More

Health Insurance

Each of us had to seek the services of paid medical services. However, there are several options of payment for these services: – personal doctor – through cash payment of medical institutions – under the policy VHI – Voluntary Health insurance. In the minds of many people have developed various myths – the best way to pay for medical services. Let's try to understand these judgments. The first myth to.. Read More

Consumer Credit

The history of one day (February 2006), I decided to buy goods on credit. Not because of the poor and not for idle interest – for his work in the stores choose a bank that will provide loans for the purchase of our products. Thought that our own experience will greatly help. To do this, come into the store on Technosila Krasnosel chose the radio, talked with the consultant on.. Read More