If you are driving or motorists with driver, then do not just have to face various unpleasant situations on the road. And as is often very difficult to prove the traffic police to be right. But thanks continuous development of information technologies and systems, this problem probably can be solved. Secure themselves a special system – Car Video Recorder! The simplest example of extortion traffic police: you Officer stops and says that you have violated the rules of the road – you have driven or had crossed the solid dividing strip. As a driver to be here? After sitting behind the wheel, he can not say for sure whether or not to hit dividing strip, especially if it approves the traffic police.

But it is not always true that you say. Maybe you just want a divorce? It will help with the video recorder, if you are, of course, already purchased and installed it in the car. Controversy immediately cease, rather it is no longer a dispute, and divorce, for reproducing a record from the dvr, you do not run into a solid line, much less crossed a solid stripe. This device is an electronic security system, which in recent years more and more find their way into our everyday lives. Starting from the means of self-defense and not stopping, you can continue and continue gsm alarm system for your own personal home, for the protection of property and so on. Find their development of surveillance and automotive industries.