Good question. A few months ago Google launched this project in BETA. Is that prepare a site map in XML format and turn it over to Google. What is the point? According to Google used to collect information on the structure of your website. You can assign the URLs, the frequency of updating and the importance of each. How it works Google gives you a script written in python to download and configure to generate a site map. They give you a file with examples of various configurations.

Among them you can designate a route to pick up all files, assign URLs directly, read your server logs to find urls among other things. After preparing the sitemap you have to enter your google account in the Google Sitemaps page, sitemap and send the confirmation to a file on your server. When Google has gone through your sitemap will give you the OK. Does that mean that the Google bot has gone through my page and have included my URLs in your system? No. There is no guarantee that they do not even. Maybe yes, maybe not. In If so, it usually takes a few days.

"Make and send a Google sitemap to improve my ranking in the SERPS? No. not affect him at all. Nor will affect the regular procedure for reviewing your google page periodically with their bots. It is something separate. It is still new and not known to what extent aid, however it's worth doing because it can help Google find all your URL's, especially if you have a lot of content is more dynamic and deeply involved in the structure of your page. What happens if I have or I can use python in my server? There have been several programs and to manage the Web map with other technologies. You can also do by hand with notepad. Here are some scripts and resources: Written by J. Buckenmeyer.