Advances In the Biometric Systems For the Control De Acceso The biometric systems, have had a great impact in the access controls. In this way, it is possible to see as many institutions have happened to use entrance credentials, implement reading of biometric landlords, to the entrance of his buildings. When doing one counts it on many advantages, since the security levels extend, at the same time as the entrance of people is made agile. To observe the people when they enter to his work providing a track, ocular landlords or by means of I scan of face characteristics; he is something that is still impressive. However, that one is only the beginning of which it will go much more there. Recent investigations, in the United States, have been able to demonstrate that the heart rate, of each person, has a unique track like the digital marks, reason why it would be possible to be used like a biometric indicator, that cannot be imitated of any way. In the United States, the biometry has been taken in serious and is for that reason that has been obtained several advances in saying aspect.

The main reason, so that this happens, is that from the attacks of the 11 of September, the country of the north has invested many resources in security strategies. Thanks to this tendency it is that the biometric systems have been developed, to the point to analyze other physical qualities like the heart rate and in the future, until the cerebral landlords they could be checked in a biometric analysis. At the same time as the biometric systems become more powerful, also have been made more and more economic, which allows to see them in other places, aside from facilities of the government. This has allowed the installation of biometric systems in health centers, schools, means of transport and until in laptops. With the relaxation of the biometry, the companies dedicated to the manufacturing of these products hope to make designs every time better. One of the goals is to continue lowering the price of the costs, of the biometry systems, at the same time as less invasive apparatuses are obtained. Example of it is the methods of analysis of face characteristics, that work to great distances, to avoid that the user always must stop itself in front of the camera of the device.

Whereas the biometric systems reach all their potential, the specialists suggest to use the present devices, in company of other security systems, especially when she is an access control. Of this form, an analysis of fingerprint can go accompanied of the use of a smart card of proximity. The biometric systems have allowed the development of several safety mechanisms. The biometric locks are an example of it, thanks to them can be left the use of metallic keys back.