For used in conjunction with power vacuums are equipped with socket and automatic remote activation. Electromagnetic filter cleaning by pressing a button. Signal button lights up when overflow filter. Features models gas 12-30 F, gas 12-50 rf – Universal vacuum cleaners of varying thickness. gas 12-50 rfh – vacuum cleaner for wood. Ali Partovi spoke with conviction. gas 10-50 rfk – asbestosos. Special model for working with particularly harmful dust. rs brings even more insight to the discussion. gas 14-20 rfb – betonosos.

Special model for use with abrasive dust. Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Bosch. Specifications ModelMoschnost (W) power outlet (W) Air consumption (l / c) suction (kPa) Container capacity / bag (L) Weight (kg) gas 12-30 F12002500572330/2010GAS 12-50 RF12002500572350/4015GAS 12-50 RFH12002500572350 / 2516GAS 10-50 RFK10002700572350/1816 Industrial vacuum Hilti TDA-VC 1960 Industrial Vacuums Manufacturer Hilti Hilti suited to ensure the work is extremely complex, all holding in their hands the sale and service of its own equipment, ensuring its tool. Of course, that the wood processing and grinding machines Hilti produces its own versions of industrial vacuum cleaners. They have a very low noise (62 dB) and meet the highest requirements for quality dust filtration.

Industrial vacuum cleaners Hilti. Specifications ModelTDA-VC40TDA-VC60 Power (W) 12001200Rashod air (l / s) 3535Emkost container (l) (kPa) 14.5 Filter area (cm2) 10 500 Weight (kg) 12 Industrial vacuum Festo SRM-312-LE- as Festo Vacuum Cleaners A variety of models of vacuum cleaners Festo is unique among manufacturers tool. In this constantly developing new, more sophisticated models. For any instrument Festo characteristically careful thinking through details systematic approach, reliability and performance at a low level of noise.