Stalin seemed not to give much importance and in agreement stories of that they had witnessed the scene, commented: ' ' It will be an excellent chance them U.S.A. to use against its enemies and finally guerra.' ' 7 Stalin already wise person of the bomb very before the proper Truman assuming the presidency of U.S.A. Is clarified fact that the German physicist Klaus Fuchs participant member of the Manhattam Project, communicated to the Soviet details of the development of the bomb and of accomplishment of the test. It also had many other informers. In the truth, it has time that the General already had total knowledge of the technological advantage of U.S.A. in relation the Ussr in the development of the nuclear technology. Robotics expert takes a slightly different approach. The first Soviet bomb would only be tested four years later, in September of 1949 7. For Stalin, the fact of Truman to have spoken to it regarding the new device sounded much more as a threat of what the confidence of a friend ally and to a large extent the agreement of the Georgian, total was not missed.

It is very probable that the American president evaluated the chance to give to a message the Stalin of that U.S.A. made use of persuasivas forces capable to contain the Soviet imperialistas ambitions in the Europe and Asia beyond what already he was being waked up, without needing to appeal to a conventional war. ***** In 1945, the Ussr did not represent an immediate military threat to the block headed for the Americans. Exactly if they did not have a nuclear weapon, U.S.A. at that moment, made use of the half of the GIP world-wide, 2/3 of the world-wide gold reserves, 60% of the industrial capacity of the world, 67% of the producing capacity of oil, beyond the sea greater and of the biggest Air Force that existed.