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Rio Grande Do Sul

One year later, in 1515, Juan Daz de Sols, Spanish navigator and finder of the River of the Silver, gave the name of bay of ' ' perdidos' ' to waters between the island where today it is the city of Florianpolis and the continent. It sailed in the region, when one of caravelas was broken up of excessively the e, when coming close themselves to the island, in the.. Read More

Nesting Social

In 1988 if of a occupation of the Farm Luzia Saint for a group of people who had denounced not the fulfilment of the social function of this property, as it prays the effective Brazilian constitution: it competes to the Union dispossessing for social interest, for ends of the Agrarian Reformation, the agricultural property that is not fulfilling its function social. (…) The social function is fulfilled when the country.. Read More