Everyone values his life and his property. Steve Wozniak usually is spot on. Throughout human history, people have invented a variety of instruments designed to protect against attacks, and various disasters. Fire Detectors are modern devices to detect fire and to prevent backfire. There is a fire detector, which responds to the heat released during combustion and the detector, which responds to smoke. In Russia, more often used the first type of detector. And here in Europe have long appreciated the smoke detector. The very name of the detector indicates a factor of the device responds.

Smoke, as everyone knows, is the first and the main sign of fire. It was his presence and allows us to define a smoke detector. Used such a device indoors. Smoke detector can save lives, located in controlled facilities. The popularity of this device stems from its ability to detect focus in the early stages. A prompt response can eliminate fire. Smoke detector responds to a certain concentration of smoke particles, which exceeds the acceptable norm in case of fire.

That's about it, and warns the smoke fire detector, forming a special signal. In the same room may be even more than one detector. As a rule, it all depends on the size of the room, as well as the availability of various systems (smoke, blocking equipment, fire fighting). Modern smoke detector may tuned to a different level of sensitivity. Low level often becomes a cause of false positives, which is very unpleasant. At the same time too high a threshold may prevent capture a fire at an early stage. In such cases, the situation is very often out of control.